Campaign to help Syrian refugees

syrian_children.pngCJPME has been advocating for the needs and rights of Syrians for years, but today we would like you to join us in a huge new step. CJPME will be helping sponsor Syrian refugees to Canada, and the more support we get from you, the more refugees we will be able to help. There are two ways in which you can help make CJPME’s efforts more effective:

1. Contribute to CJPME’s Syrian refugee sponsorship program. An organization’s capacity to co-sponsor Syrian refugees is dependent on a government requirement of demonstrated financial depth. With more money in its Syrian refugee sponsorship program, CJPME will be able to sponsor more families per year. Please contribute – any amount will make a difference.

2. If you live in Quebec, you could also help in the sponsoring of a Syrian refugee yourself. Sign up for more information – no commitment – and we will follow-up with you to help you understand the various steps.

The situation is dire for Syrians, but we as Canadians can help at least a few. Please respond to either of the two options above. CJPME works for justice, development and peace in the Middle East. Please help us to move forward with this much-needed aid to Syrian refugees. See below for more info on the program, and thank you!