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Help us protest: TTC rejects “Disappearing Palestine” ads
Late yesterday, CJPME received word that the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) had rejected CJPME’s “Disappearing Palestine” ads. While CJPME is ready to appeal this decision to the highest levels – including the Supreme Court – we ask you to voice your disagreement with this latest response from the TTC.

Please send an email of protest to the TTC.

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Campaign Information


    October 2013

    In April 2013, thanks to the generosity of its many supporters, CJPME raised $35,000 to be able to post its “Disappearing Palestine” ads in two major cities across Canada.

    Sadly, through various strategies, the transit companies and ad agencies have tried to prevent the ads from being posted. Early in September, CJPME's legal counsel sent a letter demanding that the transit authorities in question respect its constitutional rights to post these ads. On October 21, the transit authorities have however conveyed their decision to reject the ads.

    CJPME expects to have to go to court in the coming weeks/months to ensure that the “Disappearing Palestine” ads go up in the TTC. We will depend on your financial support to enable us to take the case as far as necessary. Please help us by donating today.

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