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Achieving peace complex in Middle East
The Kingston Whig Standard - August 13, 2015
Glaring anti-Israel bias
The Chronicle Herald - August 12, 2015
Honest Reporting attacking CBC anchor Laura Lynch
Honest Reporting Canada - August 05, 2015
Movement 'respects international laws'
The Kingston Whig Standard - July 28, 2015
Opinion: Canada-Israel trade pact hailed
The Vancouver Sun - July 27, 2015
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Editorials & Opeds
Preventing another Gaza war through 'Palestinian relief'
YNet News - September 04, 2015
Palestine’s crisis of leadership
Maan News Agency - August 30, 2015
INTELLIGENCE FILE: Monitoring the boycotters
The Jerusalem Post - August 29, 2015
How Harper Won the Jewish Vote
The Huffington Post Canada - August 21, 2015
The federal election and foreign policy
The Kingston Whig Standard - August 21, 2015
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