CJPME and Refugee Sponsorship in Quebec

1113400-fin-journee-31-decembre-peu.jpgEach year, CJPME has a limited number of slots – between 10 and 20 total refugee files – to sponsor Syrian refugees.  CJPME is open to applications from individuals, or groups of individuals who are in a position to co-sponsor Syrian refugees in conjunction with CJPME.

Sponsorship options offered by CJPME :

CJPME is currently able to offer two options for the sponsorship of Syrian refugees.  In each of the two cases, the individuals (family related to the refugees) working with CJPME are responsible (financially and otherwise) for the welcoming and resettlement of the refugees for a minimum of one year

  • CJPME & individuals both sign sponsorship papers, and manage sponsorship funds in a common bank account. In this model, CJPME is a co-sponsor with family members who have brought forth the refugee file.  (This is a case of the hybrid sponsorship model – see Quebec sponsorship programs.)
  • CJPME alone signs the sponsorship papers, but is supported by a group of interested Canadians. In this model, CJPME is the sole signatory on the refugee sponsorship papers.  (This is a case of the sole NGO sponsorship – under the Quebec programs model.)  Nevertheless, the initiating group (family with the sponsored refugees) commits to providing the entire funds required by the government for sponsorship.

CJPME’s Selection Process for Refugees

CJPME is only able to sponsor or co-sponsor refugee files which satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The file must be referred by family members residing in the Montreal region, who commit to overseeing the refugees’ arrival and settlement in Quebec, as well as their integration, financially and otherwise. 
  2. The family members of the sponsored refugee(s) must be able to put up the sponsorship funds required by the Quebec government.
  3. The refugee(s) must be from Syria, must meet Canada’s criteria for a refugee, and must be prepared to move to Montreal, Quebec.
  4. Selected potential sponsorship partners will be asked to undergo an in-person interview of up to one hour with representatives of CJPME, to determine the basics of the file, and suitability for sponsorship.
  5. The sponsorship paperwork will not be submitted to the government until the funds required in Step #2 above are deposited into a bank account established for the sponsorship.

How to request for CJPME to sponsor or co-sponsor a refugee file?

Potential co-sponsors who believe they can satisfy the above criteria are invited to complete CJPME's sign-up form (in .pdf format), and email it to info@cjpme.org, or mail it to CJPME, 10090 Saint-Laurent, Suite 201B, Montreal, QC  H3L 2N7.