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SyrianRefugeeGirl.pngCJPME has been advocating for the needs and rights of Syrians for years, but today we would like you to join us in a huge new step. CJPME will be helping sponsor Syrian refugees to Canada, and the more support we get from you, the more refugees we will be able to help. Concretely, there are two ways in which you can help make CJPME’s efforts more effective:

  1. Contribute to CJPME’s Syrian refugee sponsorship program. An organization’s capacity to co-sponsor Syrian refugees is dependent on a government requirement of demonstrated financial depth. With more contributions in its Syrian refugee sponsorship program, CJPME will be able to sponsor more families per year. Please contribute – any amount will make a difference.
  2. If you live in Quebec, you could also help in the sponsoring of a Syrian refugee yourself. Sign up for more information – no commitment – and we will follow-up with you to help you understand the various steps.

The situation is dire for Syrians, but we as Canadians can help at least a few. Please respond to either of the two options above. CJPME works for justice, development and peace in the Middle East. Please help us to move forward with this much-needed aid to Syrian refugees. See below for more info on the program, and thank you!


Thomas Woodley

Did you know?

Canada has agreed to allow 10,000 refugees from Syria over three years, but it’s going to depend on private sponsors like CJPME and others. Please contribute to enable us help these refugees.


Le saviez-vous?

Le Canada s’est engagé à laisser entrer 10 000 réfugiés syriens au pays sur une période de trois ans, mais le succès de cette initiative dépend des répondants privés comme CJPMO et d’autres. Contribuez à CJPMO pour nous permettre d’aider ces réfugiés.

More Info:

CJPME is launching this refugee sponsorship program in conjunction with a government-regulated immigration consultant in Quebec. CJPME and its consultant partner will be using a specific Quebec immigration program – called “collective sponsorship” – that is available to those wanting to help refugees. Under this program, refugee sponsorship is possible with a single Quebec resident and a non-profit organisation – in this case CJPME. Alternatively, sponsorship in this program is possible with a minimum of two Quebec residents and a few other easy requirements.

There is already a backlog of cases which need a second sponsor. For this reason, CJPME is 1) extending itself to enable more successful sponsorships, and is 2) looking to identify additional private sponsors.

While CJPME will be sponsoring a number of families, there is a limit – based on our size and financial strength – to how many families CJPME can sponsor. With contributions to our Syrian refugee program, however, CJPME will be able to sponsor more.

For Quebec individuals, with the model that CJPME and our immigration consultant partner are using, there is virtually no financial risk. When you click on the link provided, you will be asked to fill out a form with basic contact info. Once you have filled out the form, CJPME will follow up with you to provide additional information on how the program would work. Filling out the form simply indicates that you are interested in learning more, with no additional obligation.

If you do not live in Quebec, then the best way to help enable Syrian refugees through our programs is to contribute to CJPME’s Syria refugee program.

Feel free to contact CJPME for more information, or if you have questions.

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