Norman Finkelstein - How to solve the israel-palestine conflict ? - January 2012

Join us as CJPME once again hosts Norman Finkelstein for five Canadian events in a lecture focused on practical approaches to resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict. Continue reading

Maysoon Zayid, Eman El-Husseini - Arab women gone wild - November 2011

CJPME is delighted to invite you to its Arab Women Gone Wild dinner and Comedy Show – coming to Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, November 3, 4 and 5th. Please join us as we celebrate CJPME’s accomplishments in a fun filled and inspiring evening with two of today’s top Arab Comedians.

Amira Hass - Palestine / Israel: Fear of the Future - September 2011

Join us as Amira Hass, a journalist with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz since 1989, shares her views as a journalist on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Palestinians’ experiences under Israeli occupation. Sponsored nationally by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, and KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives. Continue reading

Tariq Ramadan - The arab spring and the west: actions and expectations

Join us as Tariq Ramadan speaks on the recent political developments in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the response from the West. Continue reading

William Parry - Against the wall - March 2011

Join us for this tour in Quebec and Ontario, as British writer and photographer William Parry discusses the significance and symbolism of resistance art in its various forms across the occupied Palestinian territories. Continue reading

Amir Khadir - Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: The right to say no to the Israeli occupation - March 2011

Please join us for this conference to hear MNA Amir Khadir discussing the importance of the BDS campaign. Dr. Khadir will talk about how BDS is necessary for a just resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict, and how BDS is an effective democratic and peaceful form of political pressure. Mr. Khadir was recently attacked by other pro-occupation politicians for his participation in the boycott of a store selling Israeli products in Montreal. 

Haneen Zoabi - The new generation of palestinian leadership - November 2010

Please join us for CJPME’s third annual fundraising dinner, where we will have the honour of hearing from Ms. Haneen Zoabi, the first Palestinian-Israeli woman to be elected to the Israeli parliament (Knesset): a key Palestinian leader in justice for this generation. Continue reading

Norman Finkelstein - Israel and Palestine : Past, present, future - October 2010

Join us as Dr. Finkelstein discusses the situation in Gaza, the raid on the S.S. Mavi Marmara, the current stage of the peace process and the prospect of another regional war in the Middle East in a lecture entitled: Israel and Palestine: Past, Present and Future. Continue reading

Gideon Levy - The punishment of Gaza - September 2010

On September 20 writer Gideon Levy will embark on a seven-city lecture tour of Canada hosted by CJPME . The tour kicks off in Montreal and will wrap up in Vancouver on September 26. This lecture is a rare opportunity for Canadians to hear from this “Israeli dedicated to saving his country’s honour” (The Guardian). Continue reading

Mustafa Barghouti - Palestinian political dynamics and the realities for middle east peace - May 2010

Join us as Dr. Barghouti discusses Palestinian political dynamics, and his perspectives on a just peace in Israel-Palestine. Dr. Barghouti's speaking tour will stop in four Canadian cities: Ottawa, Montreal, London and Toronto. Continue reading