Canadians Oppose Foreign Embassies in Jerusalem


To be sent to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the leaders of all other Canadian political parties:

Earlier this week, US President Donald Trump announced he was moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, breaking decades of diplomatic neutrality regarding competing Israeli and Palestinian claims to the city. We as Canadians need to express our strongest opposition.

To the Government of Canada:

WHEREAS Trump's decision ignores all previous UN resolutions and international consensus on Jerusalem,

WHEREAS Trump's decision contradicts international law which outlaws the seizure of territory by force,

WHEREAS Trump's decision undermines all Middle East peace efforts, which call for a negotiated settlement on the status of Jerusalem,

THEREFORE, we, the undersigned petition you to publicly and diplomatically oppose all foreign embassies in Jerusalem!:


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    Sign the petition: Canadians Oppose Foreign Embassies in Jerusalem,
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    Sign the petition: Canadians Oppose Foreign Embassies in Jerusalem,
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    As a staunch Liberal for years, I am disappointed that our present government has not taken a stance on making Jerusalem the capital of Israel. It is Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is important to many peoples such as Christians, Arabs, Muslims and Jews.

    Do the right thing and speak out about this abhorrant change by the US. What right does the US have to unilaterally make this change.
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    Sign the petition: Canadians Oppose Foreign Embassies in Jerusalem,
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    Sign the petition: Canadians Oppose Foreign Embassies in Jerusalem,
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    Jerusalem is not the capitol of Israel not should it ever be and for the Canadian government to agree with this goes against every UN mandate. Our government needs to stop following American policies which are dangerous and wrong!
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    Robert Payne disgusting, we are no better than them
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    It’s time for Canada to stand up for international law and what’s right, instead of currying favour with the U.S. and the Israel lobby.
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    Abdulaziz Moledina Remember in this Festive season the message: Blessed are the Peacemakers. Distance from those who are oppressors and unjust so that you do not have to apologize for the wrongs done to those who have not wronged you!
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    I strongly Oppose of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.
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    God forgive you all and forgive everyone! Happy new year 2018!
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    Sign the petition: Canadians Oppose Foreign Embassies in Jerusalem,
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    Trump is enemy of peace trying to create divisions and war in a hotly contested region, all because of his ignorance of the matter that exists since United Kingdom invaded Palestine and forced the people of Palestine 🇵🇸 to live as slaves to the jews that UK 🇬🇧 brought from Europe. After that UK gave the control and power to the migrating jews to forcefully rule the occupied Palestinian land by aggression, force, oppression, destroying Palestinian’s homes and annexing their lands, forcing inhabitants to leave their country or even killing and arresting the people of land. Now Trump is doing just that to the Palestinians by siding with the invaders and aiding the oppressors of the Palestinians by the Israeli militiamen.