Quebec Programs

quebec-flag.jpgQuebec has a very generous and flexible refugee sponsorship program.  Since its head office is located in Quebec, CJPME leverages Quebec programs when sponsoring refugees.  Please review the below sections to get an idea of how Quebec’s programs work.  Where appropriate, we provide links to the Quebec and Federal government Websites

How do Canada’s guidelines influence refugee sponsorship in Quebec?

While Quebec has its own sponsorship programs, they are subject to certain basic constraints imposed by the Canadian government.  Below are the criteria by which Canada determines that an individual is a refugee:

  • A person who is outside his or her country of citizenship or habitual residence;
  • A person who has been, and continues to be, seriously and personally affected by civil war or armed conflict or who has suffered massive violations of human rights;
  • A person for whom there is no possibility of finding an adequate solution to his or her situation within a reasonable period of time; and
  • A person who will be privately sponsored or who has adequate financial resources to support himself or herself and any dependents.

What are the sponsorship programs offered by Quebec?

Quebec offers three different sponsorship options, each of which is described in more detail further below :

  1. Sponsorship as a group of 2-5 individuals
  2. Hybrid Sponsorship as a group of 2-5 individuals in conjunction with a non-profit organization
  3. Sponsorship by a non-profit organization

1. Sponsorsorship as a group of individuals

  • The sponsored refugees are taken in and financially supported by a group of 2 to 5 sponsors (Quebec residents).
  • These sponsors commit to financially support the refugees in their care for a period of one year.

2. Hybrid Sponsorship as a group of 2-5 individuals in conjunction with a non-profit organization 

  • A hybrid formula with 2 to 5 individual sponsors (Quebec residents) in addition to an non-profit «sponsor organization» (e.g. CJPME)
  • Like option #1 above, this formula is likewise a commitment to financially support the sponsored refugees for a one year period.

3. Sponsorship by a non-profit organization

  • A non-profit organization (e.g. CJPME) sponsors on its own. The organization in question commits to putting up the funds, and taking all the responsibilities of sponsorship.

What are the responsibilities of refugee sponsors in Quebec?


The sponsors (whatever the sponsorship model) promise the government to provide for the financial needs of the refugee(s) for a minimum period of one year, and sometimes up to 3 years.

From a financial perspective, the sponsor must ensure that the refugee’s needs for a 12 month period following the refugee’s (and his family’s) arrival in Quebec are met.  This would include:

  • The cost of installation and settlement in Quebec for the refugee and the family members accompanying him/her,
  • The costs of housing, furnishing, moving, as well as the budget for food and clothing.
  • Refugees enjoy coverage under Canada's public medical insurance, but the sponsors are responsible for any care and services not covered by Canada's public insurance.
  • The costs for any of the steps taken towards preparation, integration, job search, etc. not covered by any governmental program.

The sponsor also commits, toward the sponsored refugee(s) to:

  • Facilitate their settling in
  • Help them in their learning of French
  • Support them in their job-serching process
  • Contribute to their integration to life in Quebec

Note: The refugee cannot benefit from welfare for the duration of the sponsorship. If he/she does so, the sponsor will have to reimburse the government.

What are the responsibilities of the government in terms of refugee sponsorship?

The government will provide all of the following services to refugees once in Canada:

  • All medical care, same as what is offered to residents of Quebec
  • All the services associated with children, e.g. daycare, etc. 
  • Access to education through the public school system
  • Access to university studies on the same scale as that offered to Quebec residents.