CJPME's Refugee Ambassador Program

RefugeeAmbassador.jpgCJPME is proud to offer a "Refugee Ambassador" Program.

Whether we like it or not, there are many misperceptions about the Syrian refugees applying to come to Canada, or already living in Canada.  While this may be disappointing, it is not surprising - immigrant communities throughout history have been the object of misinformation, and even racism and discrimination.  CJPME would like to do its part in enhancing the understanding and acceptance of Syrian refugees in Canada.   

CJPME has strong roots in Canada's Middle East humanitarian and human rights communities.  With many members of Syrian origin, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation, CJPME is uniquely positioned to reach out and advocate on behalf of Canada's Syrian refugees. To this end, CJPME makes representatives available in the Montreal area via its "Refugee Ambassador" Program.  

CJPME Refugee Ambassadors bring professional communications and event planning skills to reach out to local organizations, schools, faith communities, community associations or other interested groups.  Such groups are encouraged to contact CJPME and develop an event program which meets the needs of the inviting community.  Refugee Ambassadors are prepared to present with the following objectives:

  • To explain the mechanisms of refugee sponsorship, to help groups understand how to proceed
  • To help to raise funds for refugee sponsorship in the context of a meeting
  • To improve the understanding of the circumstances of Syrian refugees, whether in Syria, in transit, or as landed immigrants in Canada
  • To improve the understanding of the place of Syrian refugees in Quebec and Canadian society, addressing the fears and misinformation surrounding their arrival 

Groups wishing to organize an event with CJPME Refugee Ambassadors should sign up here.

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  • Hamam Harire
    commented 2018-08-10 07:07:52 -0400
    I want to go to Canada. I hope I can help you. I am in Jordan and this is a digital. 00962797755190
  • Robert Luff
    commented 2016-09-05 06:57:48 -0400
    Canada? There are many misperceptions about the Syrian refugees in the whole world with today’s black affairs Islamic State (IS) if responsible for. It would be wrong t claim that all refugees are bad, but there are many of them who pretend to be peaceful civilians, but then wreak the havoc in the whole world in the form of , wherever they were given asylum. There are so many refugees in the USA, Canada, but only Syrian continue to prove our fair attitude to them.
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