CJPME – Working with Canadians to help Syrian refugees


CJPME has followed the Syrian crisis closely since 2011, and has sought to make a positive difference throughout the unfolding of the crisis.  CJPME has been doing two things:

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Jump in with CJPME

There are three ways in which you can be involved to help sponsor refugees with CJPME:

  1. Co-sponsor Syrian refugees with CJPME.  CJPME has already sponsored several Syrian refugee families, and is able to co-sponsor more.  Start by reviewing Quebec’s sponsorship programs, and then click here to find out more about how to work with CJPME to sponsor. 
  2. Support CJPME’s Refugee Sponsorships with a Financial Contribution.  An organization’s capacity to co-sponsor Syrian refugees is dependent on a government requirement of demonstrated financial depth. With more money in its Syrian refugee sponsorship program, CJPME will be able to sponsor more families per year. Please contribute – any amount will make a difference.
  3. Support the CJPME Foundation’s refugee support services with a tax-deductible donation.  The CJPME Foundation is also in a position to support Syrian refugees.  Money collected will be used either to provide support services to refugees settling in Canada, or to sponsor additional refugees.

Canadians welcoming Syrian Refugees

In addition to compiling a list of resources for refugees and refugee sponsors below, CJPME offers its “Refugee Ambassador” program to inform communities about Syrian refugees.  Here’s what we’ve got:

  1. Jumpstart your community with a CJPME “Refugee Ambassador”.  We have experts ready to help answer all your questions about Syrian refugees in Canada.  We are ready to present to groups to talk about the origins of the refugee crisis, the arrival of refugees in Canada, the sponsorship options, and other questions related to the Syrian refugee crisis and Canada. 
  2. How to sponsor a refugee in Quebec.  CJPME has deep ties in Quebec, and Quebec has a very generous sponsorship plan for Syrian refugees.  Click here to get the low-down now.
  3. Resources for refugees and sponsors in Quebec.  We’ve compiled an impressive list of resources both for Syrian refugees and for potential sponsors in Quebec.  It’s easier than you think!
  4. How to sponsor refugees elsewhere in Canada.  If you do not live in Quebec, you will want to leverage the programs of the Federal government and other provincial governments.  Click here to get an overview from the Federal government's refugee site.  
  5. Resources for refugees and their sponsors elsewhere in Canada.  Many organizations are doing good work for Syrian refugees across the country.  If you’re outside Quebec, access this impressive directory of resources.