More information about CJPME's Syrian refugee sponsorship program

refugee_girl.pngCJPME is launching this refugee sponsorship program in conjunction with a certified immigration consultant in Quebec. There is already a backlog of cases which need a second sponsor: either an organization like CJPME, or another private Canadian sponsor. For this reason, CJPME is 1) extending itself to enable more successful sponsorships, and is 2) looking to identify additional private sponsors.

While CJPME will be sponsoring a number of families, there is a limit – based on our size and financial strength – to how many families CJPME can sponsor. With contributions to our Syrian refugee program, however, CJPME will be able to sponsor more.

For Quebec individuals, with the model that CJPME and our immigration consultant partner are using, there is virtually no financial risk. When you click on the link provided, you will be asked to fill out a form with basic contact info. Once you have filled out the form, CJPME will follow up with you to provide additional information on how the program would work. Filling out the form simply indicates that you are interested in learning more, with no additional obligation.

If you do not live in Quebec, then the best way to help enable Syrian refugees through our programs is to contribute to CJPME’s Syria refugee program.

Feel free to contact CJPME at for more information, or if you have questions.