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Display content from one page on another page

You may want your homepage to include snippets of content from another page, such as your latest 3 blog posts. To do this, click Website > Theme > New File and name the file _blog_latest.html, and click Create and edit file. Next, copy and paste the following contents into the file and click Save and Publish.  Here, we used _tw_blog_latest.html

The examples below are executed via the liquid function: subpage in the template of this page.  The two subpage lines each bring in three lines from a blog, as defined in two files that were created in the Template -> Files .  The first file is: _tw_blog_latest.html and the second is _tw_blog_latest_example2.html

CJPME Factsheet, published June, 2018: Muhammad bin Salman - known as MbS - became the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia after rising to power in 2017. This factsheet explores how domestic and regional politics have changed under his rule, while highlighting the Canadian response to MbS. 

CJPME Factsheet, published March 01, 2018: This factsheet addresses the ongoing debate between Israel and Palestine over Jerusalem. It explores both parties attachment to the city, as well as the International law on it. Finally, the factsheet addresses Trump’s recent decree and Canada’s position on the matter.

CJPME Factsheet, published Mar 01, 2018: This factsheet sheds light on the widespread and systematic Israeli abuse of Palestinian children who are subject to Israeli military law. It explores how the NWTTAC campaign seeks to challenge and end Israel’s prolonged military occupation. Finally, the factsheet explores how Canada can make a difference.

CJPME Echoes Call to Boycott Lacrosse Championship in Israel

Montreal, July 6, 2018 — Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) echoes the call of human rights defenders urging the Iroquois National lacrosse team to boycott the upcoming World Lacrosse Championships held in Israel from July 12th to 21st. In addition, CJPME calls on the Canadian national team to boycott the championship in Israel – a state whose human rights abuses are repeatedly condemned by the United Nations, as well as international human rights organizations like Amnesty International.    ...Read more >

Canadian Arrested by Israel; Canada Must Intervene

Montreal, July 5, 2018 — Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) is calling for Canadian intervention following the arrest of 21-year old Canadian citizen Michaela Lavis in the Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar. Lavis and a dozen other international human rights activists were arrested this morning while trying to defend Khan al-Ahmar from Israeli demolition. CJPME calls for Canadian intervention to ensure the immediate release of Michaela Lavis, and to protect the Palestinians of Khan al-Ahmar from more Israeli human rights violations. ...Read more >

CJPME Calls for Independent Review into Misuse of Canadian Arms in Saudi Arabia

Montreal, July 5, 2018 — Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) is proud to join Amnesty International, and six other human rights organizations in calling for an independent, external review into allegations of misuse of Canadian military exports by Saudi Arabia. While the government conducted an internal review of the allegations last year, CJPME and its collaborating organizations* issued a joint letter to Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland that expresses deep concerns with major shortcomings in the report and calls for an independent review. ...Read more >

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