Meet your MP about Gaza during Parliament’s summer recess

Summer is here, and MPs are in their ridings for the next three months. It's an opportune time to meet your MP and pressure them on Israel's genocidal war on Gaza.  For almost 9 months, CJPME has pressured our elected officials in Ottawa. CJPME staff have met with Ministers, key bureaucrats, and opposition parties. In parallel, many of you have emailed, phone-called, and taken to the streets in solidarity every single week.   Now is a great time to shift our game to the local ridings. With our work these past few months, we can claim some collective victories, as we have forced Canada to take several measures in support of Palestinian rights. While our victories (changing Canada's position on ceasefires, arms embargoes, aid to UNRWA, etc.) are partial, incomplete, and deeply inadequate to address the ongoing genocide, we owe it to the Palestinians to persevere.  Can you schedule an appointment to meet with yours? We provide you with all the position papers, factsheets, info and other support you might need. Continue reading


New report + Webinar: How Palestinian voices are erased in Canada’s “Anti-racism strategy”

CJPME is thrilled to announce a Webinar for next Tuesday, June 18, 7:30 p.m. EST, entitled, “How Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy erases Palestinian voices and supports Israel.” Register here for this Webinar whose panelists include: Dania Majid, Arab Canadian Lawyers Association; Corey Balsam, Independent Jewish Voices; Alex Paterson, CJPME; Wissam El Cheikh Hassan, CJPME, Moderator  Continue reading


Pressuring Canada's Biased Media: CJPME Wins and Trends

Last year, CJPME launched our “Media Accountability Project” (MAP), an initiative to challenge Canadian media bias against Palestinians and their narratives.  Every day, our MAP team of staff and volunteers send letters to media outlets pushing for more balanced and informed coverage.  Click here to see the hundreds of instances where we've influenced coverage, and the hundreds of "media alerts" that have mobilized our team of "media responders."   Continue reading


With invasion of Rafah, help us pressure Parliament to investigate Canada’s military trade with Israel

In contempt of world condemnation and its obligations under international law, Israel began its reckless and immoral offensive against hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians in Rafah, Gaza.  CJPME has condemned Israel's actions both publicly and privately with members of Parliament.  We must do everything we can to pressure Canada and Israel to end the reckless carnage.  Continue reading


Sign up for FREE BDS sticky notes! Put boycott pressure on Israel!

CJPME is thrilled to offer FREE BDS sticky note pads to support the boycott of Israel in Canada!  Since our government is doing nothing to stop Israel’s oppression and violence against Palestinians, it’s our way to enable average Canadians apply REAL economic pressure on Israel! Continue reading


More big campaign wins! Check out our impact for Palestine!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in our campaigns in support of Palestinian life, rights and freedom these past six months.  Below, we give a status on all the campaigns we have launched since Oct. 7.  You will see: the number of wins and overall impact is impressive!  Please take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate our collective breakthroughs! Continue reading


Join our media impact for Gaza - support Palestinians in Rafah!

A year ago, we announced the launch of our “Media Accountability Project” (MAP), a new initiative to challenge Canadian media bias against Palestinians and their narratives. The mainstream media coverage of Palestine-Israel since Oct. 7 has been appalling, but our media team has been producing results: getting quoted; getting corrections; shifting the narrative; publishing letters; and more!  This email highlights some of our recent accomplishments.   Continue reading


Campaigns do work! Check out our accomplishments for Palestinian rights!

The news from Palestine is tragic, upsetting, and sobering.  We at CJPME have joined and led campaigns, protests, and petitions to save Palestinians in Gaza, and to protect the rights of Palestinians and their allies in Canada!  And while our hearts are still ache for the innocents in Gaza, it's still important to celebrate breakthroughs when we have them in Canada. Take a look at our collective WINS below, and be reminded that our collective actions DO make a difference.  And if you like our work, please consider donating.   Continue reading


Supporting Palestine Solidarity: Drastic times call for drastic measures

It is often said that "desperate times call for desperate measures," and we feel like this perfectly embodies the amazing and inspiring response of the Palestine solidarity movement in Canada.  Since Oct. 7, across the country, Canadians have protested, campaigned, advocated, emailed, petitioned and donated in support of the Palestinians of Gaza.  CJPME is so proud to be part of an amazing generation of Canadians who have stood up in support of the humanity, human rights and liberation of Palestinians. Continue reading


Myths and Facts: Why we call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza

Myth 1: There’s no point in Canada calling for a ceasefire because it can’t impose a ceasefire on Hamas and Israel Response: A call for a ceasefire is a statement of intent and principle.  A Canadian call for a ceasefire would indicate that Canada disapproves of armed conflict as a way to solve international conflicts, whether by Hamas or Israel.  A Canadian call for a ceasefire, in parallel with calls from other countries, would exert enormous pressure on both Israel and Hamas to find a negotiated resolution to the current conflict.  No country in the world has suggested that it is in a position to “impose” a ceasefire, yet dozens of countries have called for a ceasefire because it is the principled thing to do.  Canada should follow suit. Continue reading