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Pillsbury Ends Business in Israeli Settlements

CJPME Factsheet No. 231, published August 2022: This factsheet addresses the boycott of Pillsbury products. It answers why Pillsbury products were boycotted, the goals and methods of the boycott campaign, who was involved, and the campaign's conclusion. Continue reading

The Blockade of Gaza

CJPME Factsheet No. 230, published August 2022: This factsheet addresses why there is currently a blockade on Gaza and goes into depth as why Israel is imposing this blockade. It discusses restrictions enforced under the blockade, such as simple everyday goods and materials. It furthermore examines the restrictions over travel, whether the blockade is illegal or not, and if Canada supports it.  Continue reading

Israel's System of Apartheid

CJPME Factsheet No. 229, published August 2022: The following factsheet defines what apartheid is and goes into depth on how the Israeli states commits apartheid on Palestinians. It answers a common question that is always prompted when topic is discussed: how is Israel an apartheid state when it is considered a democracy? Furthermore, it gives examples as to why and how Israel commits apartheid in Palestine.  Continue reading

ICC Investigation of War Crimes in Palestine

CJPME Factsheet No. 228, published July 2022: The following factsheet provides an overview as to why the International Criminal Court (ICC) launched an investigation of war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories. It introduces and explains what the ICC is. Furthermore, it gives answers to the different questions that are prompted when the topic is discussed, such as whether the ICC has proper jurisdiction to investigate the OPT, if Palestine and Israel support the investigation, and what Canada’s position on the investigation is. Continue reading

Anti-Palestinian Racism

CJPME Factsheet No. 227, published July 2022: This factsheet addresses the Anti Palestinian Racism framework that was recently introduced by the Arab-Canadian Lawyers Association (ACLA). It covers the importance of defining anti-Palestinian racism and provides real life examples of Palestinians and supporters of Palestine that are subjected to this form of racism. Lastly, it answers the question of who the primary targets of anti-Palestinian racism are and relates it back to anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia. Continue reading

The Forcible Transfer of Masafer Yatta

CJPME Factsheet No. 226, published June, 2022: This factsheet lays out key elements of the court case and subsequent ruling on the forcible transfer of Palestinians living in Masafer Yatta. It highlights Israel's expulsion plan, the consequences of it, the false determination of the Israeli Court allowing the expulsion, and what Canada must do in order to prevent such events from occurring. The question of whether these acts are considered forms of ethnic cleansing, and if this expulsion is a war crime are discussed.  Continue reading

The Assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh

CJPME Factsheet No. 225, published May, 2022: This factsheet provides an overview of the facts surrounding the assassination of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by Israeli occupation forces.  Continue reading

Covid-19 in Palestine and Israel's Medical Apartheid

CJPME Factsheet No. 224, published June, 2021: This factsheet provides an analysis of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in Palestine and Israel's legal responsibility to protect Palestinians from the disease. Continue reading

Mass evictions in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan

CJPME Factsheet No. 223, published June 2021: Mass evictions in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan Continue reading

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Nakba

CJPME Factsheet No. 222, published March 2021: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Nakba Continue reading