Send a holiday card to your Member of Parliament

In just 30 seconds, you can have a holiday card sent to your Member of Parliament - it's a great Canadian year-end holiday tradition.  Please take a moment and do it now!  

STEP 1: Click on the card you want to send

More about the cards

On the back of each of the cards, we provide brief explanatory notes about modern-day Palestine and the Biblical role of Bethlehem in the Christmas story.  Click here for full details on the cards.  (Note: The sample images above have "CJPME" watermarks to prevent copyright infringement.) 

These cards are also available for purchase.  Click here to buy packets of these cards, but please don't forget to send a card to your Member of Parliament by clicking one of the links at the top of this page.    

About the artist and the designs

The cards are a limited-edition custom design for CJPME by Brazilian political cartoonist Carlos Latuff. Latuff is knows for using his clever and colourful political cartoons to raise awareness about an array of issues, including Palestinian human rights, the Arab Spring and Western military intervention in the Middle East. More about Latuff and his cartoons can be found at: