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So many Canadians are unaware of Israel’s human rights abuses, and many don’t even know when they’re buying products from Israel or Israel's illegal settlements. Thank you for helping to raise awareness and for standing up for human rights in boycotting Israel until it respects international law. 

To learn more about the Boycott Pillsbury campaign, click here. learn more about the BDS movement overall, click here. To see more details about what Canadian stores sell Israeli products at CJPME's Boycott Centre, click here.  

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Don’t know where to start? Check out a partial list of “settlement” products and Canadian stores selling them below!

 The Bay:

-       Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd

-       Soda Stream


-       Keter fence kit and gate

-       Keter “Magic Villa” playhouse

-       Stanley-Israel tool chests

-       Pillsburry food products

-       General Mills food products

Home Depot:

-       Keter products (Magic Villa playhouse; Disney Princess playhouse; booster seats; bathmats; shelving units; tool boxes, fence and gate kits, “Summit” shelving and storage items, “Magic Villa” playhouses, “Apex” shelving and sheds, Lotemplast bathmats, and Workforce plastic products)

-       Stanley Israel products, including FatMax, FatMax Xtreme: mobile tool storage, garage modular tool cabinets, tool boxes, soft-sided tool bags, sawhorses, workbenches, mobile work chests)

Naot outlets:

-       Naot shores and sandals. (n.b. Naots are also sold at many show stores)


-       Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd. skin care and bath products

-       Soda Stream beverages and beverage mixing equipment

-       Keter Products (Magic Villa playhouse; Disney Princess playhouse; booster seats; bathmats; shelving units; tool boxes, fence and gate kits, “Summit” shelving and storage items, “Apex” shelving and sheds, Lotemplast bathmats, and Workforce plastic products)

-       Stanley tools and tool storage items.


-       Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd skin care products.

Liquor and wine stores:

-       Binyamina wines and liqueurs; Barkan wines; Teperberg wines; Psagot wines; Askalon wines; Segal Wines; Carmel wines; Golan winery wines (Yarden Mount Hermon)

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  • Rajinder Dhindsa
    followed this page 2021-06-02 17:19:13 -0400
  • Habiba Harche
    commented 2021-05-31 18:05:35 -0400
    On doit aussi boycotter toutes les compagnies qui ont affaires avec Israël et bloquer leur soutien comme Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, arrêter d’acheter de chez eux et le gouvernement doit contrôler et bloquer tous les transferts vers Israël
  • Naima Hanafi
    commented 2021-05-31 13:45:31 -0400
    BDS (Boycott & Divestment) is an effective way to stand against the Apartheid regime in Israel. It is incombant on all of us. We cannot turn a blind eye yo the atrocities committed against kids, & innocent civilians. This is an Occupation against Palestinians.
  • Zoner
    commented 2021-05-31 12:39:16 -0400
    Everyone will be know about bds now even the grandmas
  • S J
    commented 2021-05-31 12:28:41 -0400
    This is fantastic, I’ve been looking for where to get these notes for a while. Thank you to the cjpme got keeping this initiative alive
  • Mohammad Bajws
    commented 2018-06-30 08:42:02 -0400
    Israel, stopp killing innocent Palestinians, otherwise you will have to pay price.
  • Barry Schulman
    commented 2016-08-31 04:15:55 -0400
    please do more research on other products / companies to boycott. This is a great initiative! Bravo!!!!
  • Linda McCabe
    commented 2016-02-21 22:48:10 -0500
    Great initiative. Soda Stream is also sold at Canadian Tire stores and Terra 21. Terra 21 is the most disappointing for me as they carry healthier products and they have a strong pro environmental message.
  • Sara Traub
    commented 2016-02-21 10:30:36 -0500
    Bumper stickers would be fabulous!
  • Romeo LeBlanc
    commented 2016-02-19 17:33:08 -0500
    No Free thinking people will ever listen to their political leaders that try to force them in following their mandate to not speak out against caountries such as Israel that commit war crimes on their neighbors and terrorist the population and steal their lands, Please continue and expand the BOYCOTT of all Goods and Services from Israel like was done for South Afri