Video; 70 Years of Dispossession - Remembering the Nakba

CJPME Remembers 70 years of Palestinian dispossession and suffering. #Nakba70 To learn more, go to: Continue reading

Video: FREE BDS Sticky Notes

Canadians! Get a pad of BDS Sticky notes FREESupport the boycott of Israel: un bloc de notes autocollantes gratuit Soutenez les droits humains: Continue reading

Video: Ahed Tamimi - No Way to Treat a Child!

The Ahed Tamimi case only makes it more urgent!Hey Israel!: This is no way to treat a child!Support the Canadian branch of the int'l campaign:http://www.nwttac.canada.dci-palestine.… Continue reading

Video: Canada, your silence is not acceptable

In face of Gaza Land Day Massacre, Canada is SILENT!?Human rights organizations and leaders around the world condemn Israel's brutal and lethal response to protests in Gaza. But not Canada! Shame! Continue reading

Video: Besieged in Jerusalem

Palestinians face new racist Israeli law in Jerusalem What does this mean for the beleaguered Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem? Perhaps more importantly, what does this say about Israel? Continue reading

Video: Who is Justin Harper?

Didn't we vote for change?If you feel like the Trudeau government isn't much different than the Harper government, you're not alone...Miranda highlights some key ways in which, sadly, the Trudeau government continues the Harper legacy. Continue reading

Video: Courage and Conviction: Thumbs up for @MuslimGirl

Muslim Girl stands up for her convictions and Ahed Tamimi; refuses Revlon's "ChangeMaker" award! Big thumbs-up for Muslim Girl 👍👍 Continue reading

Video: Canada? Jerusalem? Principles? Think again!

Disappointed and upset with Trudeau on the Jerusalem issue? You're not alone! Continue reading

Video: New Year's wishes to everyone!

Our deepest thanks to our supporters... and our New Year's wishes to everyone! Can you help us do more? Continue reading

Video: If the Christmas Story had taken place today?

What if the Christmas Story had taken place today?Happy Holidays from CJPME & Reality Check! Continue reading