Robert Fisk speaking tour 2013 - radio

Fisk.pngRadio coverage – Robert Fisk’s speaking tour with CJPME: In January and February of 2013, CJPME hosted veteran Middle East journalist Robert Fisk to Canada.  Fisk has reported from the Middle East for decades in a career which has seen him report internationally for 30+ years.  Media interest in Fisk, as reflected in literally dozens of interviews and reports, was focused on his perspective on the “Arab Spring” and other breaking Middle East events.  


CBC Montreal, Arab awakening Best-selling author and journalist Robert Fisk explains the difference between Arab Spring, a bloody period of revolts and the Arab Awakening, a slow process of Arab political and intellectual awakening through education and travels.
Radio Canada International, Robert Fisk, le journaliste indigné Robert Fisk speaks to us about his Middle Eastern journalist correspondent’s role, of Ben Laden and of the Arab Spring.
CBC News Saskatchewan, Journalist Robert Fisk Robert Fisk speaks about his career and his role today in the Middle East. He reminds us that the Middle East is a very important region to follow up on, and not only through Western media., Robert Fisk on Stephen Harper’s foreign policy, the Arab Spring, and the wars in Syria, Mali and Afghanistan (M. Murphy, D. O’Keefe, J. Hussain) Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk explains how Canada’s role in the Middle East is evolving, what the wars in Syria, Mali and Afghanistan represent to the West and why these last so long.
CBC British Columbia, UK Journalist Robert Fisk says Media, Politicians sanitize the horror of war (Stephen Quinn) Robert Fisk, seven time awarded best journalist over the years, explains how politicians and the Western media subtly portrays the reality of war and dims the horror and injustices. He also speaks about his journalist’s duty to be as objective as possible and our duty to get informed from the right sources.
CBC British Columbia, Talking with Robert Fisk Robert Fisk explains the process of how the Western media sanitizes the horrors of war through soft language and imagery. He updates us on the recent course of event in Syria, Israel and Palestine.
BC Radio-The Current, Robert Fisk on Al Quaeda in North Africa and the legacy of the Arab Spring (Ana Maria Tremonti) Robert Fisk connects the dots between what we hear on the news and what the Arab Spring actually represents. He explains the connections between the revolts starting in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria and the recent surges of activities in Algeria and Mali.

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