Internships at CJPME

Gayatri.pngCJPME is pleased to host a year-round internship program out of its head office in Montreal.  CJPME internships aim to help university students gain real-world experience, while helping CJPME to advance its organizational goals. 

Internships last 14 weeks, and interns are required to give 20 hours per week on a fixed but flexible schedule. 

Information on Upcoming Internships

The dates for CJPME’s Fall internships are as follows:

  • Internships will run from Monday, January 13th through Friday, April 17th.
  • Candidates must send CVs/resumés with cover letter by Sunday November 24th, 2019 (11:59 p.m.)
  • Interviews will be conducted early in December.

Information on the specific internship opportunities is provided below. 

General Information on CJPME’s Internships

Orientation.pngCJPME has managed an internship program at its Montreal office since 2010, and is proud to offer a stimulating and engaging internship experience for those who are accepted.  CJPME continues to be in touch with dozens of former interns, and is regularly consulted to provide job references for these former interns as they launch their careers.  CJPME accepts 2-4 interns each session, depending on the current needs of the organization.  There are several different internship roles that CJPME typically seeks to fill.  They are:

If qualified and interested, candidates for an internship are invited to email their CV/resumé with a cover letter to [email protected] by the appropriate deadline. 

CJPME accepts interns in three different groups each year as follows:

  • Summer internships.  The call for applications is launched in March, interviews take place in April, and internships run from mid-May through mid-August.
  • Fall internships.  The call for applications is launched in July, interviews take place in August, and internships run from mid-September through mid-December. 
  • Winter internships.  The call for applications is launched in October, interviews take place in November, and internships run from mid-January through mid-April. 

CJPME has an internship guidelines document which lays out general expectations of interns, as well as an intern code of conduct which interns are expected to sign once they begin work.