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Fisk-Photo.pngPrint media coverage – Robert Fisk’s speaking tour with CJPME: In January and February of 2013, CJPME hosted veteran Middle East journalist Robert Fisk to Canada.  Fisk has reported from the Middle East for decades in a career which has seen him report internationally for 30+ years.  Media interest in Fisk, as reflected in literally dozens of interviews and reports, was focused on his perspective on the “Arab Spring” and other breaking Middle East events., Covering the “War on terror”: In conversation with Robert Fisk (Paul Weinberg) A personal interview where Robert Fisk blames Hollywood, naïve Western elites and underestimation of local forces for unnecessary military interventions of the West in the Arab world.
Pan African News Wire, Robert Fisk on the Imperialist War in Africa Robert Fisk expresses his outrage concerning France’s military intervention in Mali on the basis of it being an imperial intervention. He also recalls failed wars of the past in the region, such as the Algerian war in the 1990s.
Now Toronto, Lessons with Robert Fisk Ellie Krizner The internationally known journalist Robert Fisk offers his critical views on Western interventions and affirms that “The Arab world doesn’t belong to us”., Canada extends Mali mission amid signs of reluctance to do more (Lee Berthiaume) Robert Fisk is suspicious as to why the West finds a sudden interest in this 30 year old internal conflict. He explains why Canada should stay out of France’s military intervention.
Le Devoir, Israël en mutation? (Claude Levesque) The renowned journalist Robert Fisk comments on the Israeli election results. He notes that an ever-changing Israel must come to realize that a meaningful dialogue with neighboring Palestine is necessary.
The Georgia Straight, Journalist Robert Fisk illuminates the Middle East (Charlie Smith) The ‘Legendary’ Robert Fisk illuminates us about the often war-torn Middle East. He explains the changing relations the region has with the West in the context of the Arab Awakening.
Hamilton Spectator, Journalist takes Western media to Task (Daniel Nolan) Robert Fisk explains why he does not believe on the war on Terror, how the West feeds injustice in the region and how the Arab Spring really should be interpreted.
Calgary Herald, Who is Robert Fisk, and why does he matter, especially now? (Thomas Woodley) Provocative, award-winning Middle East journalist Robert Fisk, rich of 36 years of reporting in the region, will offer Albertans the opportunity of listening to a true expert. In a period of revolt and rapid evolution in the Middle East, it is important to stay accurately informed.
Le Délit, Robert Fisk: Le Moyen Orient pour les nuls (Margot Fortin) Robert Fisk, is passing by McGill University and provides students with a critical view of Western media and shared his own views on recent events in the Middle East including the Arab awakening and the war in Mali.
Vancouver Observer, Legendary Middle East journalist Robert Fisk to speak at St. Andrew’s-Wesley Church today (Alia Dharssi) Middle East correspondent of 36 years for The Independent clarifies us on the reasons why Western media coverage is so shallow. He speaks about his role, as a journalist, to be objective on the side of those who suffer and state the truth.
Pacific Free Press, The Road Weary Warrior this way comes: Robert Fisk in Canada (CL Cook) Robert Fisk explains that the war on Terror has never existed and digs deeper on the crisis between East and West.
The Tyee, Is Robert Fisk today’s Orwell? (Crawford Kilian) This article shows the shared opinions Robert Fisk and George Orwell. Indeed, they have both denunciated the use of language to soften political actions. Robert Fisk speaks specifically about those lead by our Western governments in the Middle East today., Fisky Business (Malcom Azania) World- renowned Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk shares his experience and critical opinions about about Bin Laden, the Syrian crisis and Obama’s reelection in the White House.



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