Robert Fisk speaking tour 2013 - video

RFisk.pngVideo coverage – Robert Fisk’s speaking tour with CJPME: In January and February of 2013, CJPME hosted veteran Middle East journalist Robert Fisk to Canada.  Fisk has reported from the Middle East for decades in a career which has seen him report internationally for 30+ years.  Media interest in Fisk, as reflected in literally dozens of interviews and reports, was focused on his perspective on the “Arab Spring” and other breaking Middle East events.  


CBC news player, Robert Fisk on Mali (Evan Solomon) Robert Fisk does not believe in ‘The War on terror’ and explains why. He also shares his perspectives on the recent surges of violence in Mali and Algeria.
The Agenda, Robert Fisk: The Arab Spring’s Uncertain Future (Steve Paikin) Robert Fisk shares his insight on the Arab Awakening. He especially mentions that the Arab peoples are demanding freedom, dignity and an end of humiliation, may it be from the West, or from their own dictators.
CBC Hamilton, Six things we have learned from Robert Fisk (Kaleigh Rogers) Robert Fisk has seen many wars and revolutions throughout his 36 years covering the Middle East for The Independent. This media breaks down 6 different important facts and advice from the journalist.

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