Miko Peled Speaking Tour 2013

miko_peled.pngMedia – Miko Peled speaking tour CJPME: In October 2013, CJPME hosted Israeli-American peace activist Miko Peled on a speaking tour. Peled, is the son and grandson of two of Israel’s early leaders.  Peled, a staunch supporter of the one-state solution speaks from his personal experiences, and refers to many of the stories in his well-known book, “The General’s son”.



Toronto Star: Critics bring invigorated debate Israel-Palestine debate to town. Peled, author of “The General’s son” reminds Canadians that Palestine existed before the foundation of Israel.  He also asserts that talk of the two-state solution is irrelevant. He claims that a one-state solution is already in place, but it’s an antidemocratic state with laws segregating citizens. According to him the one state needs to be democratized. 
NUTV. Interview with Miko Peled (Youtube clip). The Israeli peace activist reminds listeners of the great impact of students in the campaign against the war of Vietnam and the Apartheid in South Africa. In his opinion, students can bring big changes in the Palestinian cause with the worldwide support. He believes that students organizations on campuses have great impact and more should be involved. 
CKUT. One-State Solution. Interview with author Miko Peled. The world renowned author speaks about the unfeasibility of the two state solution. He believes that Israel supports the two-state solution because it can pretend to cooperate while continuing with the construction of the settlements. He also believes that the international solidarity community falsely sees the one-state solution as a type of utopia. According to him, the democratization of the Israel state is the solution for those who believe in peace and justice.
Rabble.ca.The General's Son: Miko Peled tours Canada with call for one-state solution in Israel-Palestine. The Israeli author indicates the failure of the “mainstream peace movement” is caused by its incapability to challenge the agenda of Zionism. He believes that it’s out of the question that Israel would ever let the State of Palestine be established.  Peled explains that the extreme policies used to establish the Israel state are still being used today.
The Windsor sun. Proponent of single-state Israel coming to Windsor. The American-Israeli peace activist compares the Israel-Palestine conflict to South Africa, where blacks suffered the apartheid. He added that the division between the whites and blacks in South Africa is similar to that between the Palestinians and the Jews in Israel. However, very few people foresaw the rapid downfall of apartheid and the election of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, “but it happened”!

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