Show your support to Niki Ashton – Petition

niki.jpgNiki Ashton has been a long-time supporter of Palestinian human rights, along with many other issues of social and economic justice in Canada and internationally. In May 2017, while she was in Montreal to campaign for the NDP leadership, she had the opportunity to speak at events commemorating the Palestinian Nakba. After attending the rally for Palestinian human rights, Ashton was ferociously attacked by B’nai Brith, a blindly pro-Israel lobby organization.

Ms. Ashton’s post on her Facebook page made the following statement: “For more than 60 years, Palestine has been struggling to simply exist. Many in our country have been fighting in solidarity for many years. This week in Montreal I was honoured to stand with many in remembering the Nakba. It was also powerful to join many at a rally in solidarity with those on hunger strike in Palestine today. The NDP must be a voice for human rights, for peace and justice in the Middle East. I am inspired by all those who in our country are part of this struggle for justice.”

In addition to her willing support for Palestinian human rights, she has also openly criticized the NDP’s exclusion of candidates supportive of Palestinian human rights prior to the 2015 election.

Niki Ashton has stood up for Palestinian human rights; now it’s our turn to stand up for her.

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