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argentina.jpgIn June 2018, the Argentine National Soccer team cancelled a soccer match in Jerusalem with Israel, given Israel's killing of 122 protesters in Gaza. The decision was led by soccer superstar Lionel Messi, with the support of his teammates and the Argentine Football Association. 

They are under pressure to reverse their decision, so please email Messi and his team your thanks!

Click here to email your thanks and support to Lionel Messi and the Argentine National Football Team.  

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Please see the following articles for more information on Argentina’s cancellation of its game with Israel:

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    Dear Sir,
    Keep warm respect.
    I am a big fan of The Messi. And alos a little business man. I want to make a Bangladeshi traditional dress with Argentina’s flag for next World Cup 2022(Qatar). Is there any legal problem for your country, if I make n Sale this in Asia’s Market ?
    Please help me to inform me.
    Thank you.
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