Bonus: Updates on the Green Party re: Amita Kuttner and Noah Zatzman

Debrief_Website_Page_Images_(4).pngIn this bonus episode, Michael and Tom provide an update to our previous episode on the Green Party and Annamie Paul. Who is interim party leader Amita Kuttner, and where do they stand on Palestinian human rights? And what did we learn from a recent public interview of Annamie Paul’s former senior advisor Noah Zatzman?  Some listeners may remember: Zatzman sparked a Green Party controversy in June when he publicly threatened to defeat Green MPs who spoke up for Palestinian human rights.

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Links from this podcast:

  1. CJPME and IJV’s Green Party Leadership Assessment (2020) 
  2. Interview with Noah Zatzman on the Progress Report with Duncan Kinney (Nov 26)

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