Muslim Awareness Week, January 29th, and Systemic Racism in Canada (w/ Ehab Lotayef)

Debrief_Website_Page_Images_(16).pngMuslim Awareness Week (MAW) is a yearly week of solidarity and exchange where people are invited to learn about the achievements, contributions, aspirations and concerns of Quebecers of Muslim faith.  This year’s MAW marks the five-year anniversary of the tragic shooting on January 29, 2017 in a Quebec City mosque which left six Muslim-Canadians dead, and the first commemoration since the federal government reserved January 29 as a national day of remembrance and action against Islamophobia.  Today, long-time Quebec anti-Islamophobia activist Ehab Lotayef joins the conversation as we discuss what has and hasn’t changed in the last five years, and the ongoing need for MAW.

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