Decolonize Palestine (w/ Rawan and Fathi)

Debrief_Website_Page_Images_(26).pngAnyone who has spent time arguing about Israel and Palestine on the internet knows that there is a lot of misinformation out there, which aims to obscure the reality of Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism. In this episode, Tom and Michael are joined by Rawan and Fathi, the creators of the fantastic resource website “Decolonize Palestine,” to talk about fighting the social media war, what decolonization means for Palestine, and to debunk some of our favourite pro-Israel myths. You can follow Rawan on Twitter at @RiverToSea48, and Fathi at @AManInTheSun. If you can, rate us and write a nice review if you like what you hear. It helps other people find our podcast and learn about the issues. Here are the instructions on how to find, rate, review and share the podcast on eight different platforms: AppleSpotifyGoogleTuneInDeezerStitcherPocket Casts, and iHeartRadio.

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