Abeer Barakat: Empowering and supporting the people of Gaza

Abeer Barakat is a Palestinian lecturer of English at the University College of Applied Sciences in Gaza and is a PhD candidate at the University of Putra Malaysia.  Abeer is an activist for the Palestinian cause and has done amazing activism work in the field of female empowerment and has provided mothers and children impacted by attacks on Gaza with continuous psychological support.  She as well has published a number of academic articles about the Palestinian-Israeli media discourse. Abeer is also apart of Rose2Rose, a Malaysian women NGO that is working for the support of the Palestinian women and children, through education and is a part of MyCARE Malaysia which is a Humanitarian Aid Non-profit organization. In this episode, Abeer joins Nur and Tom to talk about the work she initiated when it comes to providing psychological aid and empowerment to Gazan citizens, its impact, and how Canadians can offer help.

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