Please stand in solidarity with Palestine on Giving Tuesday

2023-11-28.jpgTomorrow, November 29, is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people.  And today is “Giving Tuesday,” a day to shift the focus from the Western consumerism of "Black Friday," to caring and community. Both days were established by the UN, and both days promote the idea of generosity and solidarity with Palestine.

Especially since Oct. 7, Palestinians need to know that they have our support!  If the idea of Giving Tuesday resonates with you, please consider supporting them in one of two ways below:

  • Support Advocacy for Palestinians: For 20 years, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) has advocated for the human rights of Palestinians, and the need has never been greater than today. The blind support for Israeli violence and brutality shown by our politicians and media these past two months has been appalling.  But CJPME is actively combatting this bias:
    • In politics: CJPME has full-time staff based in Ottawa leading our efforts to influence our politicians in favour of human rights and international law.  Many of our volunteers have gone to Parliament Hill on delegations with us to meet members of Parliament and speak to them about the Israel's apartheid regime against Palestinians.
    • In the media: CJPME also has full-time staff monitoring the media, and challenging the bias, the misrepresentations, and the underreporting of Palestinian issues.  Hundreds of our volunteers participate as "media responders" and receive alerts directing them how to respond to shoddy Canadian media coverage.   
    • In the grassroots: Polls have shown again and again that average Canadians are sympathetic to the legitimate grievances of the Palestinians, and oppose Canada's pro-Israel bias.  Like many organizations, CJPME has groups on the ground organizing and mobilizing local campaigns and demonstrations.  And each year, we give grants to 12 different student groups.  Our local involvement demonstrate this grassroots groundswell again and again.  

We are living in tragically historic times, and CJPME has risen to the challenge.  Some of our staff have not taken a day off since Oct. 7, and our hard work is reflected in our hundreds of campaigns, statements, alerts, ads, media spots, grassroots initiatives, and meetings with politicians.  If you're not already doing so, following our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts will give you a sense of the breadth of what we do. 

Can you donate to help us expand our impact? Monthly donations are especially helpful as they enable to plan and budget our activities.

  • Support Humanitarian needs of Palestinians: Since 2013, the CJPME Foundation – a Canadian charity – has sought to elevate Palestinians and other disadvantaged peoples and communities. Since 2020, the Foundation has raised close to $1 million in humanitarian aid for Palestinians, providing hospital equipment, emergency food and medical aid, community water wells, and playgrounds with this money. Earlier this year, we raised $120,000 to support Gaza farmers.

Can you support the CJPME Foundation so that it can continue to host these types of humanitarian projects? All donations to the CJPME Foundation are tax-deductible - it is a Canadian charity, CRA Registration Number 841493539 RR 0001.  Whether one-time or monthly donations, the Foundation depends on your support to do our work.

Since Oct. 7, CJPME has launched its "Gaza Emergency Appeal" which has already raised $125,000 to support Gaza.  These funds will provide emergency food, fuel, medicine and medical consumables as soon as permitted.  You many earmark your funds funds to this project by clicking here.  

Thank you for your expression of solidarity with the needs of the Palestinian people. Through “radical generosity” and active compassion, we can chip away at the walls of oppression and indifference.