Do you want to be an MP ?

Canada’s federal elections are just four months away, and this creates tons of opportunities for CJPME and its members! Check out all the ways you can make a difference below!

Run for election! This is not as crazy as you may think. Several political parties have just a fraction of their candidates chosen, and there are 338 spots across Canada! You’ve got nothing to lose, and tons of experience to gain. Here are the links for each party: NDP, Liberals, Greens, Conservatives, Bloc Quebecois


Meet your MP and the other candidates for your riding. MPs will recess for the summer in mid-June, and will be in their ridings until November. Ask to meet with them and the other candidates, and challenge them on our issues. CJPME just met with dozens of MPs on Parliament Hill, and you can use our position papers and factsheets:

Organize in your community and meet with candidates. CJPME has developed a “Middle East New Deal” that challenges incumbent MPs and challengers to address our key issues. Whether you request a private one-on-one, or participate in an “All candidates meeting,” use this guide to challenge candidates to address our issues.

Respond to our “Middle East New Deal” (MEND) as a candidate. If you become a federal candidate for any party, answer our MEND questions, and we’ll release them publicly for all to see.

These elections will lock in four years of Canadian policy on Middle East issues. Please take these opportunities seriously – the effectiveness of our Canadian democracy depends on you!