Please boycott the Spec: Ad incidents show that newspaper scorns Palestinian life

While the Middle East coverage by the Hamilton Spectator has never been good, two incidents in recent weeks demonstrate that it is truly hateful toward Palestinians:

  1. On Thursday, Nov. 23 , the Spec REJECTED an ad listing the names of the 5600+ Palestinian children who had been killed by Israel and calling for a ceasefire.
  2. Yet less than two weeks ago, on Nov. 11, the Spec PUBLISHED a full-page ad about the Israeli hostages held by Hamas, showing each of their pictures and calling for their release.

That the Spec would refuse an ad expressing sympathy for Palestinian victims, yet publish another ad expressing sympathy for Israeli victims shows that the Hamilton Spectator is NO LONGER WORTHY OF OUR BUSINESS.

Use the fields below to tell the owners and leadership at the Hamilton Spectator that you will henceforth 1) refuse to ever buy any issues of the Spec, 2) refuse to ever buy or place ads in the Spec, and 3) instruct your friends and family to do the same.