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Please send an email to Elizabeth May and other Green leaders and thank them for the BDS resolution – they are under great pressure now. (If the link above does not work properly for you, open your email program and address an email to [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] Just say, "Thank you for the BDS vote!")



CJPME celebrates with the Green Party membership for its strong endorsement of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement this past Sunday. CJPME was honoured to be an important supporting player in this historic BDS vote, with CJPME observers active behind the scenes at the Green Party Convention. BDS is a movement applying economic pressure on Israel until it respects the human rights of Palestinians in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.

The BDS resolution had strong opponents at the weekend’s convention, including opposition from Green leader Elizabeth May. Nevertheless, through the hard work of many Green Party members and the support of CJPME and other groups, the resolution passed with an overwhelming majority. In fact, the support was so strong that the resolution passed by acclamation, with no need to count votes.

CJPME prepared for the convention by preparing two flyers providing supportive arguments for the two key resolutions of the convention. CJPME prepared a powerful flyer supporting the BDS resolution, depicting Israel’s violation of Palestinian human rights, and the way BDS aligns with international law. The second flyer highlighted the racist land use practices of the Jewish National Fund (JNF.) The JNF was targeted in a second Green party resolution which passed, but in a watered-down form.

The Battle isn't over

The Green Party is facing criticism as opponents of the party seek to vilify it. Now more than ever, the GPC leadership needs to hear messages of support.

Please click here to send an email to Green Party leaders to thank them for the passage of the resolution.

(If the link above does not work properly for you, please simply open your email program and address an email to [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected])

Please forward this email to others and encourage them to send an email of encouragement to May and the Greens.

More Info

The Green Party had two resolutions relating to Israel-Palestine at last week’s Convention. One resolution called for the Green party to support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement targeting Israel until Israel bans “settlement” construction and enters into good faith negotiations with the Palestinians. This resolution was very well-reasoned, and cited international law and previous precedent in calling for support for BDS. This resolution passed!

The second resolution had to do with the Canadian affiliate of an organization which discriminates against Palestinians. This resolution asks the Green Party of Canada to call for “the Canada Revenue Agency to revoke the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund [JNF] for contravening public policy against discrimination and for its failure to comply with international human rights law.” The resolution cited Israel’s own Attorney General who charged the JNF with practicing institutional discrimination against non-Jewish citizens of Israel. This resolution passed, but only after being amended to target all racist charities, and having all references to the JNF removed.

Elizabeth May has waffled terribly on the BDS issue since the vote. She has gone so far as to say that she opposes the resolution, and may not be able to support it publicly.

Officially, the Green Party has some good party policy on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Elizabeth May has never been good about publicly representing party policy on Middle East issues. Also, the Middle East and Israel-Palestine is not May’s area of strength. By demonstrating Canadian support for these resolutions, we show May that these resolutions are good policy.

If you believe in CJPME's work, please also consider donating so we can expand our impact. When we all pitch in, we can make a huge difference!


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  • Mal Nass Al
    commented 2016-08-11 16:27:59 -0400
    Thank you Canadian Green Party for standing for justice and human rights.
  • Maggie Murphy
    commented 2016-08-11 14:28:15 -0400
    Thank your CJPME… I sent this email a couple of days ago.. anyone is welcome to share any/all parts of it that resonate
    xo Maggie

    Thank you Canadian Green Party,
    This letter is to express my support to you.

    You have done the right and proper thing, You are on the right side of history in declaring support for #BDS movement. For many of us, it has been a bleak and heartbreaking time in Canadian (and world) politics, with the incessant “we stand 100% with Israel” policies, which leave Palestine lives in shatters, and which condemn any of us who support BDS , as terrorists or anti-semites, or racists.
    This is a breakthrough of momentous impact. I literally leapt for joy at hearing this news.

    I understand that 1/3 of the members, (including Elizabeth May) opposed the policy. So, first off…big kudos… to a party which behaves democratically.

    But, let’s address the main issue… (without rehashing the entire debate as to why anyone would oppose #BDS)
    I’ve heard it said that as a political party, it concerns you as to how adopting this policy will affect your “electability” .

    What a sad and pitiful state of affairs…that showing true leadership… and commitment to human rights and international law and freedom of speech, might jeopardize your chances of being elected. And I don’t blame you for fearing that. It’s probably a realistic assessment.

    Who I blame, are my fellow Canadians…
    We are all quick to cynicism and despair and anger at politicians who lack integrity and guts and leadership. And perhaps we have justification for feeling that way… but …

    (Pardon my language) It’s damn well high time we start pointing that finger at ourselves.
    This is the moment that Canadians must stand up… and be accountable.
    How can we, as voters, as citizens, expect to elect leaders we believe in, if we play the same corrupt poli games as many of them do? … voting for ‘who might win’ , rather than ’who best represents our goals, our beliefs ?

    I fought hard for the Green party leading up to last fall election. I can’t even tell you how many people told me "I want to vote Green…#NextTime“… but were coerced/convinced by the ”tweet-url hashtag" href=“!/search?q=%23ABC” title=“#ABC”>#ABC movement, and by polls… they would be wasting their vote. They didn’t vote for what/who they wanted.. they voted out of fear. They voted ‘against’ rather than voting ‘for’.

    I’m really proud of and encouraged by the people of conscience w/in the Green party.. who see governance, not as a popularity contest, but as a commitment to true values.
    And I’ll do everything in my power to convince as many others as I can.. that if we want integrity and moral leadership, we better demand it of ourselves as well.

    Maggie Murphy
    Victoria, BC