CJPME offering fellowships for student research on Palestine!

Now that CJPME's 2022 grants for student solidarity groups have been awarded, CJPME is thrilled to invite applications for its student research fellowships.  CJPME's fellowships are offered to individual students working on academic projects related to Palestinian identity, culture, politics, self-determination, decolonization, political advocacy, media advocacy, or related themes. Please share this opportunity with any student you may know who is doing accredited research on Palestine or Paletinians.  Applications are now open until Monday, Dec. 5, at 12:01 a.m.  Click here to apply now!

CJPME's academic fellowships program is part of its broader strategy to support student and academic work related to Palestine.  These fellowships are entirely funded by CJPME donors and an important way to elevate the acadmic discussion around Palestine.  If you would like to support this work, please consider making a donation to CJPME. Monthly donations are especially helpful, as they sustain our ongoing work. If you don't like to donate by credit card, we can receive email transfers at [email protected]. Or, if you prefer, you may also donate over the phone (438-380-5410), or complete and mail in this form. Thank you.

More Information

Palestine and its people have always had a rich cultural, religious, economic, and political life. This continues even though Palestine has, to date, been denied the opportunity to self-determine. As Palestinians struggle in Palestine and the diaspora, the CJPME Fellowships program helps to ensure that Canadian academic institutions support and encourage academic inquiry into Palestinians’ experience, heritage and struggle for freedom and self-determination.

CJPME offers up to two fellowships per year for students who are doing research and/or project work related to Palestine or Palestine solidarity work. Work on Palestine could be related to identity, culture, history, religion, art, politics or a related theme. Work-related to Palestinian solidarity could be related to liberation, self-determination, de-colonialization, community organizing, political advocacy, media advocacy, or related themes. The work must be performed by full-time students, in an academic context, for credit, with rigorous academic oversight and review. While not required, CJPME would prefer that the outputs of such work be sharable with the Canadian public once the work is complete.

Interested? Click here to know more and see our eligibility criteria.

CJPME fellowships are part of our Campus Solidarity initiative. You can learn more about our student support programs by visiting the CPME “Student Hub”, which provides lots of other resources and support for students and campus groups wanting to awareness about Palestine:

Finally, if you'd like to start a student group, and CJPME's vision and values resonate with you and your friends, click here to learn more about launching a CJPME student chapter.  But regardless of whether a group is "CJPME" or any other solidarity group, we're here to help and support.