Home Depot

Home Depot sells Israeli brands in its stores. Its largest Israeli supplier, Keter Plastics, is heavily invested in the Israeli colonies in the West Bank. Use the resources below, and use your own economic power to bring a stop to Home Depot’s unethical behaviour.
Factsheet - Why Home Depot Learn about Home Depot, its ties to Israel, and why boycotting Home Depot is the appropriate and ethical thing to do.
List of Home Depot stores to boycott Use this list to identify the Home Depot store closest to you. Then use the resources below to make your voice heard.
Tell your local Home Depot manager that you're boycotting If Home Depot doesn’t know that you’re boycotting, it does no good. Click on this document (MS Word format) to open a letter that you can print and take down to your local Home Depot store today.
See the letter that CJPME sent to Home Depot executives Click on this document to see the letter that CJPME sent to Home Depot executives.
Print and send a letter to Home Depot executives Click on this document (MS Word) to open a letter to Home Depot executives. Customize it with your own information, print and send it today.

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  • James Clayton
    commented 2021-04-01 21:41:28 -0400
    Not that a manager at THE HOME DEPOT will care.: my experience of many of them has not been good and I’m well into my 70s. I’ve heard the ownership is ZIONIST in its support though I don’t know it for a fact. I do know from experience that so-called evangelical christians are confused about a great many things including racial jews, judaism, and of course, the political, racial separatist state of Israel. And they denigrate racial separatism for everyone else. Read the interview with Ronald Numbers, an ex-Seventh-day Adventist, on their support for third-world immigration, medical let’s just say conflict of interest, and “exclusivity” as opposed to what it is- shunning— including slandering those who don’t believe superstition as “of the devil”, etc.

    International finance capitalism understands negative reinforcement and that is what’s so great about forums such as YELP and COSTCO’s return policy. Use it to send them a message opposing trying to genocide all that is not good for the jews— racial jews— and start paying attention to that issue including who is calling the shots in the government of the remnant of Western Civilization. Boycotts worked to disenfranchise those who built Rhodesia and South Africa and it is happening in all goyim nations. Boycott those who want everyone to borrow from them. See “Jews and Moneylending” in the Occidental Observer.