Tell Trudeau: End Israeli Atrocities at the Al Aqsa Mosque!

Tell_University_Presidents.pngWords cannot describe the shock and horror from videos of Israeli soldiers beating worshippers - including women - in the Al Aqsa Mosque compound before dawn on Wednesday.  Israeli soldiers beat Palestinians with batons and rifle butts aggressively and repeatedly at the Qibli Mosque on the grounds of Al Aqsa.  Details are still emerging, but dozens of Palestinian Ramadan worshippers were injured when the police raided the mosque. Women can be heard crying out in pain and fear.  

We demand a clear condemnation from Canada!  The Trudeau government's passive stance toward Israel's government must end.  Canada must end its complicity now!

Use the fields below to send an email to Trudeau, to the Foreign Affairs Minister, our diplomats at the UN, other political leaders, and your own MP! ISRAELI VIOLENCE MUST END NOW!