Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections.  If you’re like us, the last couple of days have been shocking and frustrating.  Here is the link to the feedback form, in case you want to share with your friends.

While the world is rightfully horrified by Hamas' attacks on civilians, political leaders blindly cheerlead Israel’s vengeful violence against the entire population of Gaza, punishing innocent people for the actions of Hamas. Meanwhile, in Canada, extremist voices seek to silence support for Palestinians and their rights, equating any form of sympathy with support for violence against civilians. It’s easy to feel despairing, but we owe it to the Palestinians in Gaza and to international justice to stay in the fight.

We need to give voice to our concerns, even if it’s just venting our anger and frustration with the whole situation. It’s also useful for us in CJPME to hear what people are thinking, because the media and politicians frequently ask us how Palestinians and their allies are coping in the current climate.

It is also important to protect yourself emotionally. Take a break from the news if you are feeling overwhelmed or overly frustrated. 

Thank you.  Keep safe.