Position Paper: Discriminatory Israeli visa policies applied to Canadian nationals

pp17.pngSince the Spring of 2009, Israel has begun introducing new processes at its border crossings which are affecting Canadian nationals travelling in the region. These new measures have very unfortunate repercussions – and even legal implications – for Canadians travelling to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. 

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  • Florentin Givi
    commented 2021-05-31 06:27:08 -0400
    Hello, you save me from this. this is what I am looking for since last month, I am working on my research paper and this subject is one of my targets. Do you have more information. I actually researching some news about Israel, any topic, that’s involved Israel. I am going to use these documents for my research and I hope you don’t mind downloading them. I will find out more like this from your recent posts. Thank you in advance.

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