Position Paper: A Constructive Role for Canada in Palestine-Israel

Untitled_design_(18).pngThis position paper presents a series of recommendations to Canadian officials, which together outline a constructive role for Canada in Palestine-Israel. These include: 

  1. Canada must engage with the growing consensus among human rights organizations that Israel is committing the crime of apartheid, as defined under international law;
  2. Canada must stand up for human rights defenders and oppose Israel’s criminalization of Palestinian NGOs;
  3. Canada should consistently and forcefully condemn all violations of human rights and international law;
  4. The Parliamentary discourse on Israel-Palestine must reflect the fact that there are no negotiations presently taking place between Israelis and Palestinians;
  5. Canada must stop attempting to block initiatives by Palestinians to seek justice and representation at the international level;
  6. Canada must provide humanitarian relief to Palestinians suffering as a result of the conflict;
  7. Parliamentarians must seek a deeper understanding of the existing dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and share that knowledge with Canadians.