Updated: Statement on Suspension of Board Member

Montreal, October 20, 2023 [Updated: October 24, 2023] — Following a decision by the CJPME Board of Directors, Ms. Sasa is suspended from the CJPME Board. As confirmed by the CJPME Board, Ms. Sasa has never been authorized to speak on behalf of the organization. In addition, some views that Ms. Sasa has expressed publicly are not aligned with the policies and positions of the organization.

For almost 20 years, CJPME’s policies and activities have been guided by three core pillars: 1) We advocate for respect for international law; 2) We advocate that all parties in a conflict must be held to the same standard; and 3) We advocate for non-violent solutions. In the current crisis, CJPME is seeking an immediate ceasefire to end the bloodshed in Gaza, an end to Israel’s occupation, siege, and apartheid practices against Palestinians, and true accountability for all parties accused of war crimes.

Anyone interested in better understanding CJPME’s positions generally, or specifically on the events since October 7, 2023 is invited to contact CJPME’s head office directly. Alternatively, those interested can consult CJPME’s Website and/or social media channels to learn or stay abreast of CJPME policies and positions.