Director, Social Media Engagement & Animation

CJPME is looking for highly motivated individual who is passionate about CJPME’s mission and who wants to play a major role in the impact and influence of CJPME.  

The successful candidate is someone who is 1) outgoing, full of ideas, and the ultimate networker, 2) thrilled about the possibility of engaging people with fresh and dynamic content about Palestine and Palestinians, 3) comfortable engaging people via all forms of social and electronic media, and 4) highly passionate and informed about the organization’s core issues.  CJPME especially seeks skills and expertise to expand and diversify its social media presence, which currently includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and two audio podcasts.  The successful individual should be able to lead, animate, initiate and execute with traditional media outreach as well as social media outreach. 


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Director, Social Media Engagement & Animation – CJPME Head Office


Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East


Montreal (Ahuntsic), QC



Job Category:

Professional position


Director, Social Media Engagement & Animation

Relevant Work Experience:

Minimum 3 years in media

Minimum 2 years in podcasting

Career Level:


Education Level:

University degree, with preference for expertise in media, communications, marketing, public relations, etc.


$50,000 - $70,000, Commensurate with experience and qualifications. See Compensation Policy.


Non-profit sector


Daytime hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

CJPME is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to empower Canadians of all backgrounds to promote justice, development and peace in the Middle East.  Our primary focus is Palestinian human rights and liberation.  CJPME is a national, independent, non-partisan Canadian organization at the forefront of promoting human rights and justice for all peoples in the Middle East, and Canadians of Middle East origin. 

CJPME is a small organization requiring a versatile individual who can contribute with a “hands on” approach in multiple roles. Bilingual candidates will have an advantage, as part of CJPME’s constituency is unilingual French.  The qualified individual will report to CJPME’s President and will work closely with CJPME’s Director of Policy and Senior Director of Parliamentary Affairs.

Job Description:

  • Media Content Development
    • Understand social media trends appropriate for a small human rights non-profit organization, and propose right-sized ideas and campaigns
    • Track social trends and day-to-day news and developments to identify social media ideas and opportunities for the organization
    • Continuously contribute to the existing strengths of CJPME’s on-line presence, sufficiently mastering CJPME’s core business
    • Drive the creation of engaging content for CJPME’s on-line presence
  • Social Media Animation
    • Expand CJPME’s social media profile, creating more social media content with a focus on video and audio
    • Help drive CJPME’s existing audio podcasts, contributing to the vision, the production, the content, and engineering, and the promotion.
    • Help CJPME develop new social media outreach channels, creating the vision, learning the technology, developing content, and supporting the production, engineering and content.
    • Help the organization evolve a fresh and identifiable on-line personality with an approach that leverages the existing strengths
    • Develop relationships with other on-line animators that could be collaborators, guests, partners, cross-pollinators, or promoters.
    • Be able to represent CJPME in various contexts: on-line gatherings, public events, media interviews, meetings with allied organizations, politicians, etc
  • Campaigns Collaboration and Execution
    • Collaborate with coworkers in the conception and implementation of holistic outreach and engagement campaigns which resonate with constituents, donors and targets.
    • Collaborate with coworkers to develop content and outreach strategies which bolster and amplify the organization’s policy objectives
    • Acquire skills to initiate, lead, and execute all aspects of CJPME’s digital tools to expand reach and impact of CJPME’s campaigns. Help maintain and update platforms for organizational campaigns and communications.
    • Participate in the creation of the organization’s messaging and communications.
  • Social Media Analysis, Planning and Evolution
    • Continuously track CJPME’s on-line presence to understand its strengths and weakness; the audiences it reaches, and the audiences it misses
    • Propose tools and strategies to deepen the organization’s understanding of its reach and penetration
    • Acquire the skills necessary to take CJPME’s on-line and social media presence in new directions
  • Management
    • Provide program leadership
    • Supervise, guide, and orient junior staff
    • Support the interviewing and hiring of junior staff and/or interns
    • Cultivate and manage relations with volunteers and local leaders
    • Manage, maintain, and update organizational processes and templates


The ideal candidate would have the following qualifications:

  • Experience and education
    • Minimum 3 years professional experience with roles involving the above professional skills
    • Minimum 2 years experience animating podcasts or doing other forms of social media animation
    • University degree with an excellent academic record in media, communications, marketing, public relations, or journalism.
    • Volunteer experience in human rights, social justice, or anti-racism initiatives
  • Communication and writing skills
    • Native language skills (or equivalent) in English, spoken and written
    • Ability to write professional, well-structured, persuasive texts of various lengths
    • Ability to strategically balance appeals to values with a strong grounding in evidence
    • Strong public speaking ability
    • Language skills in French and Arabic would also be an asset
  • Technology and platform skills
    • Solid, hands-on, office experience, with all Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
    • Solid, hands-on, office experience, with Google docs/sheets/slides/forms
    • Expert level familiarity with common social media platforms: e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, LinkedIn.
    • Experience working creatively with many different media platforms and tools (e.g. Canva, Adobe tools, social media platforms, Website platforms, on-line tools, video/audio, podcasts, etc.)
  • Knowledge of CJPME's "Business"
    • Strong knowledge of social justice, human rights, international law, anti-racism, racism, and settler colonialism in Canada and Palestine-Israel
    • Ideally, lived experience of anti-Palestinian racism, anti-Arab racism or Islamophobia
    • Understanding of Canadian political systems, federal, provincial and local
    • Experience communicating and interacting with elected representatives.
  • Personality traits
    • Outgoing; comfortable with everyone; able to carry a conversation; also can listen
    • Enjoys interacting with people; full of ideas
    • Passionate and informed about the organization’s core issues.
    • High integrity and passionate drive for human rights, especially Palestinian human rights
    • Strong organizational abilities including planning, delegating, and program development
    • Excellent customer relations skills, in-person and over the phone/Zoom
    • Skills to collaborate with and motivate volunteers
    • Team player keen to work collaboratively with others
    • Willingness to work flexible hours as needed

Application Procedure:

Serious candidates should email their CVs/resumes along with a cover letter to [email protected]

NOTE: No phone calls please. Candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. Thank you.