Demand suspension of Ottawa educator Lisa Levitan for anti-Palestinian racism!

In October, Lisa Levitan, an educator with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board made social media posts and statements to the media suggesting that either people support Israel – a country accused of practicing apartheid by Amnesty International – or they are supporters of terrorism. Ms. Levitan’s statements contribute to a climate of hostility and discrimination within the OCDSB, violating several provisions of the OCDSB’s human rights policies, including Violations of OCDSB Policies P.147.GOV (Human Rights) and P.125.SCO (School District Code of Conduct). Despite a letter of complaint signed by over 1000 Ottawa-area parents and organizations, the OCDSB has thus far failed to act substantively.

Use the fields below to demand that OCDSB authorities suspend Levitan and take disciplinary action once her comments and intents are verified.