Thank the TDSB for Adopting Anti-Palestinian Racism strategy

We are excited to learn that the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has just voted to include anti-Palestinian racism (APR) as part of its Combating Hate and Racism strategy! This means that the TDSB has committed to developing resources to inform students about APR, alongside other forms of discrimination including Islamophobia and antisemitism.

This is a major victory resulting from the important advocacy from Toronto Palestinian and Jewish families. Acknowledging APR is critically important amid the skyrocketing incidents of violence and hate against Palestinians and their supporters. Unfortunately, pro-Israel organizations are opposed to any mention of APR and are strongly campaigning to have this decision reversed. We can’t allow political pressure from pro-Israel groups to erase Palestinian voices.

Use the fields below to send an email to TDSB Trustees, the Ontario Education Minister, and other public officials. Please join us in thanking the TDSB for their principled decision to address APR as part of its broader fight against all forms of racism.