Tell Canada to Stand up for Palestinian Refugees!

End_the_Blockade_-_EN.pngPalestinian refugees are at a humanitarian crossroads, and the Trudeau government needs to take a stand. While the government restarted support for Palestinian refugees in 2016, it continues to vote AGAINST Palestinian refugees at the UN, and is always “hush hush” about its aid!

What’s worse, the UN aid agency for refugees (UNRWA) announced last week that it is no longer able to pay its employees. It’s time for the Trudeau government to stand up and be counted:

  • To vote for the two UN resolutions supporting UNRWA,
  • To commit proudly to its support for UNRWA, and
  • To announce new emergency funding for UNRWA

Use the fields below to send an email to your own MP, as well as Prime Minister Trudeau and other political leaders. Remind them that Palestinian lives matter, and Palestinian refugees need their support!