Tell Canada to Stand up for Palestinian Refugees!

End_the_Blockade_-_EN.pngYou may have just sent an email to Trudeau asking him to condemn Israeli settlements at the UN. Thank you! Can you also tell Trudeau to affirm the needs of Palestine refugees?

Once again, the UN agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) is facing a severe financial crisis. Yet instead of increasing its support, Canada is about to vote AGAINST the agency at the United Nations!

The UN resolution on Palestine refugees is consistent with international law and Canadian policy. In fact, last year Canada committed $90 million over three years to fund UNRWA’s humanitarian programs. This indicates that Canada is aware of UNRWA’s important work, so why does it continue to oppose the organization at the UN?

Canada must stand up for refugees by giving its full support to UNRWA at the UN, and by increasing financial aid.

Use the fields below to send an email to your own MP, as well as Prime Minister Trudeau and other political leaders. Remind them that Palestinian lives matter, and Palestinian refugees need their support!