Tell uOttawa: Listen to the students and divest from Israel!

On April 29, the student groups Palestinian Students Association and Integrity not Spite for Falastin (INSAF) at the University of Ottawa (uOttawa) began their encampment in solidarity with Palestinians. Like the coalition groups at McGill University, the student groups made three important demands, including “complete divestment from any and all corporations involved directly and indirectly in the surveillance, occupation, and murder of Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank.”

Unfortunately, the Administration at uOttawa have made no efforts to take the demands of the student protestors seriously, expressing their manufactured concerns about health and safety. Despite meeting with the student protestors, their demands have gone unanswered and remain unacknowledged.

Use the fields below to send an email to uOttawa President Jacques Frémont, Provost Jacques Beauvais and other senior administrators, demanding that they respect the student demands and divest from investments in Israel.