Who is Canada protecting?

Support the lawsuit to ensure that Canada enforces consumer protection laws on falsely labelled Israeli wines. The Trudeau government might not realize it, but such laws aren’t a joke… they’re to provide clear, honest information, and a safe, authentic product…

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Post by CJPME.

For more information on the topics in this video, please refer to:

- To join the lawsuit: http://LabelTheOccupation.ca  

- To read Canada's consumer protection laws, see the government's website here: https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/icgc.nsf/eng/07554.html

- For more information about Dr Kattenburg's appeal at the CFIA, refer to the Label the Occupation case documents here : http://lto-cjpme.nationbuilder.com/case_documents.

- To read about B'nai Brith Canada, see this article they wrote about this affair: York, Marty, "B'nai Brith Expects Disturbing Canadian Food Inspection Agency Decision Against Israeli Wines to Be Reversed Soon", B'nai Brith Canada, July 12, 2017, http://www.bnaibrith.ca/b_nai_brith_expects_disturbing_decision_against_israeli_wines.