Dr. Mustapha Barghouti speaking tour 2012

barghouthi.pngMedia – Mustapha Barghouti’s speaking tour with CJPME: In December of 2012, CJPME hosted Palestinian Legislator, Doctor, and Human Rights Activist Mustapha Barghouti on a speaking tour.  In his talks and interviews, Barghouti speaks compellingly about the human rights abuses faced by Palestinians on a daily basis, as well as Palestinian non-violent resistance to Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian territories.


Power & Politics (CBC), Palestinian MP on UN vote (Evan Solomon) During a speaking tour sponsored by CJPME, Mustapha Barghouti gave an interview to Evan Solomon on CBC. Dr. Barghouti discussed the astonishment of the Palestinian people to Canada’s vote against its non-member state status. He also describes how Canada’s vote negatively affects Canada’s role in the Middle-East peace process. He makes clear that, contrary to Canada and Israel’s claims, the Palestinian UN statehood bid is a multilateral rather than a unilateral act. Dr. Barghouti also spoke about the International Criminal Court and the important meeting on the Palestinian leadership that could unite all Palestinians under one leadership. Most of these topics were discussed in his lecture in Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal.
The Current (CBC), Independent Palestinian legislator Mustapha Barghouti (Anna Maria Tremonti) This interview with CJPME-lecturer Dr. Barghouti documents his reaction to the Canadian response that followed the UN vote; and the recent war on Gaza. Other matters are discussed, like the potential effects of the UN vote on Palestine, the young generation’s role in Palestinian politics, or the absence of the principle of equality in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Dr. Barghouti asserts that the Western media do not report all the facts; for example, the Israeli violation of the truce was not covered. He concludes by saying that he honestly believes an Israeli-Palestinian peace is possible, but does not know what form it will take.
Le Devoir, Palestine à l’ONU – Stupeur et colère en territoires occupés (Hélène Buzzetti)   This article, which interviewed CJPME-hosted speaker Dr. Mustapha Barghouti, discusses the Canadian position before and after the UN vote, and quotes some of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird statements. It is reported that Mustapha Barghouti was shocked by Canada’s UN vote. He believes that this stance is illogical given that Canada pretends to be in favour of a two-state solution. The author mentions that Dr. Barghouti was in Canada to give lectures for CJPME.
Toronto Star, Two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict nearing ‘doomsday’ scenario, critics say (Olivia Ward) This article, which interviewed CJPME-hosted speaker Dr. Mustapha Barghouti, talks about the disastrous effects of Israel’s plans to build new colonies, announced soon after the UN vote on Palestine on Novembre 29. Indeed, the E1 construction project threatens the viability of a two-state solution. The author of the article also discusses the international community reaction after this Israeli declaration. She also mentioned that Dr. Barghouti’s conferences were sponsored by CJPME.

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