Diana Buttu speaking tour 2014

buttu.pngMedia – Diana Buttu speaking tour with CJPME: In March 2014, CJPME hosted Palestinian human rights lawyer Diana Buttu in Canada. Diana Buttu served as a legal advisor to the PLO and has participated in different negotiations sessions between Israel and Palestine. Her understanding of the peace negotiations garnered great interest from the media. Diana Buttu speaks of the failures of the peace talks in the juridical aspect and their consequences for the Palestinians. 



The Agenda with Steve Paikin: The Path to Peace (with Diana Buttu) The human rights lawyer, Diana Buttu, attributes the failure of the peace talks in the last decade to two main reasons: 1) Israel doesn’t recognize the relevance of the international law and 2) the international community - especially the United States - doesn’t force Israel to recognize the relevance of the international law. Buttu, a former Palestinian peace negotiator advocates the need for an honest broker and the international law to be applied in the negotiations.  Otherwise, she argues, the negotiations will continue to be without framework or reference and the more powerful will win.
As peace talks flounder, Palestinians need more BDS, says Diana Buttu Buttu, former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organization, asserts that the longer negotiations drag on, the worse the situation for the Palestinians will be. She explains that while everyone has their eyes on the negotiations table, Israel increases the violation of the rights of the Palestinian and builds more settlements on Palestinian lands. Buttu judges that the only solution will be to bypass negotiations and force Israel to cede ground via the BDS campaign.

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