BDS and The Labour Movement in Canada

Debrief_Website_Page_Images_(1).pngOur recent Webinar on BDS and the Labour Movement in Canada gave an eye-opening perspective on how labour activists are helping to create greater awareness within the labour movement on Palestinian human rights.  After a brief intro, we cut to the Webinar to hear Michael and his two guests, Katherine Nastovski and Hassan Husseini talk about efforts to pass BDS resolutions in different labour organizations.  BDS stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions strategies to pressure Israel to respect the human rights of Palestinians.  There have been successes and challenges, but Michael and his guests are optimistic that with the proper strategy, labour can help lead Canada to a broader adoption of BDS.

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Links from this podcast:

  1. The International BDS Movement
  2. List of Canadian organizations, including labour unions, which have endorsed BDS
  3. Labour for Palestine

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