Please note that CJPME's "Palestine Debrief" podcast combines the previous podcasts "CJPME Debrief" and "All Things Palestinian." Episodes of these previous podcast series can be found below.

Palestine Debrief

"Palestine Debrief" is a podcast that discusses all things related to Palestine: the stories, people, issues and events. A discussion with experts, politicians, artists and activists to provide a distinctive approach about Palestine as it intersects with the political landscape here in Canada and beyond. This podcast is a production of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME, See all our episodes listed below!

McGill Student Encampment: with SPHR McGill

On April 2nd, pro-Palestinian student groups in Montreal started an encampment on the McGill campus, demanding that the university divest its finances from companies complicit in Israel's genocide in Gaza, like weapons companies BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin.  Early this morning, on the 10th of July, it was dismantled. McGill hired a private security firm to shut down the encampment, after the university failed to have it disbanded by the police and following 2 injunctions which were rejected by Quebec courts. Continue reading


Israel Bombs Hospitals with Dr. Yipeng Ge

Our guest for this episode is Dr. Yipeng Ge - follow him on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.Within the first 36 hours of Israel’s attack on Gaza after Oct. 7, Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia, Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, Al Quds Hospital in Gaza City, amongst other, have been attacked. And it didn’t stop there. For the past 8 months Israel has intentionally and aggressively targetting, attacking and bombing hospitals - to an extent that they are not hiding it anymore, and in many cases boasting about it.Within 2 months after Oct. 7 90% of Gaza’s hospital in the North were damaged or destroyed. As of Feb 13, only 10 hospitals in all of Gaza are partially functioning. 374 health workers killed, 120 ambulances completely destroyed.Hospitals was the last refuge for the displaced and injured, it was the first thing Israel bombed. Continue reading


Defaming Palestinian Activism w/Michael Bueckert

On October 16, 2023, the Canadian government appointed Deborah Lyons, former Ambassador of Canada to Israel (2016-2020), as the new Envoy on Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism. The Special Envoy Lyon's office is a joint unit of both Canadian Heritage and Global Affairs Canada, bringing her role into the realm of international relations (whereas the Special Representative on Combating Islamophobia is singularly located in Canadian Heritage).  Continue reading


Canada's Policies Towards Israel After Oct. 7: with Dimitri Lascaris

A December article in Al Jazeera describes Canada’s foreign policy towards Israel and Palestine as “schizophrenic.” It’s like Canada supports Israel, wants to support Israel, but is also worried about supporting it too much because it will affect their false image of Canada as a “peace loving, refugee welcoming nation.”  We talk about Canada’s policies towards Israel since the beginning of genocide with a person with a long list of credentials that include Activist, Journalist, Lawyer and a person who ran for the Green Party in 2020 Dimitri Lascaris. Continue reading


Exposing Anti-Palestine Media Biases: with Zahraa Al Akhrass

Last month The Breach published an article written by a whistle blower exposing CBC's extensive systemic anti-Palestinian biases in their reporting since October 7.  In this episode journalist Zahraa Al Akhrass who was fired from Global in November 2023 after posting pro-Palestinian content on her social media, shares her experiences with similar biases working at Global. Continue reading


Ontario Keffiyeh Ban: Smokescreen, Racism or ? - with Chris Zabaneh

On April 17th 2024, the keffiyeh was banned from being worn by staff and guests in the Ontario legislature by speaker Ted Arnott. There had been no formal complaints nor was a motion presented to Ted Arnott for this ban, yet he acted on his own authority to impose the ban. This conversation with Chris Farris Zabaneh talks about the Keffiyeh Ban, how it came into place, the distraction tactic taken of imposing the ban, the supremacist approach of limiting non-white cultural attire and what can be strategically done to reverse the ban. Thank you for listening to the ‘Palestine Debrief’ podcast. This podcast is produced by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) and hosted by Wissam El Cheikh Hassan. Continue reading


The Nakba Bill: NDP MP Matthew Green

In December of last year NDP MP Matthew Green took the lead in sponsoring a Private Member’s bill, informally named “the Nakba Bill.” While the text of Green’s bill has not been made public, Green has made clear that his bill will call for Canada to formally acknowledge the Nakba and its tragic consequences for the Palestinian people. We talk private member bills, the Nakba, Parliament's Palestine motion, Canada's culpability, the IOF, the chances of Green's bill passing, and sleeping better at night.  It is worth noting that past Nakba bills introduced around the world failed to pass, including those by Rashida Tlaib in the US, and Layla Moran both in the UK, both of whom are Palestinian. Matthew Green is not Palestinian.  Continue reading


Fargo Tbakhi: Envisioning a future Palestine

In this episode, Tom is joined by Fargo Tbakhi, a queer Palestinian American writer and performance artist based in Washington D.C. and winner of 2018 Ghassan Kanafani Resistance Arts Prize. His writings have been published in various literary publications including The Berkeley Review. He is also the recipient of several fellowships. Fargo’s writings and performances challenge notions of erasure and colonization and propose a reality of a free and unoccupied Palestine. Continue reading


Ahmed Masoud: Amplifying Palestinian voices

In this episode, Rafeef, Tayla, and Tom are joined by Ahmed Masoud, Gaza-born Palestinian writer, director, and academic based in the United Kingdom. Ahmed is the author of Come What May and Vanished which address issues in Gazan society, as well as in broader trends in Palestinian history. Ahmed has also directed a number of plays and is the co-founder of PalArt, a collective initiative aimed at promoting Palestinian voices and content in the arts and media. Listen in as we learn about Ahmed’s interest in creative writing and his efforts to amplify Palestinian voices. Continue reading


Ussama Makdisi: Narrating Our Middle Eastern History

In this episode, Rafeef, Tayla, and Tom are joined Dr. Ussama Makdisi, Palestinian-American scholar and academic, currently a Professor of History and Chancellor’s Chair at the University of California Berkeley. Dr Makdisi is the author of several books and publications on sectarianism, Ottoman and Arab history, US-Arab relations, and US missionary work in the Middle East. Listen in as we discuss Dr. Makdisi’s achievements and contributions to Middle-Eastern history, Arab identity and issues around Palestine-Israel. Continue reading