Will 2022 be the year that Israeli “Apartheid” goes mainstream?

While Palestinians, solidarity activists, and academics have been accurately describing Israel as an “Apartheid” state for many years, the number of prominent organizations and public figures willing to use this terminology increased dramatically in 2021. Will this trend continue in 2022? And what is Apartheid, anyway? 

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  • Sally Campbell
    commented 2022-02-01 14:42:20 -0500
    Tom and Michael, Thank you so much for this excellent podcast. I follow P-I daily so I am familiar with these voices that have so clearly spoken out about Israeli Apartheid over the last year or so, and I really appreciate your pulling it all together so cohesively! Providing detail about South Africa’s system and the evolution of the definition of Apartheid was very valuable. It’s no accident that Israel has now tried to demonize 6 of the HR organizations that have been pressing for a UN investigation into Israeli crimes vs humanity by calling them “terrorists” – an act of desperation! onward in solidarity, Sally Campbell
  • Madeleine Moffatt
    published this page in Podcast: CJPME Debrief 2022-01-14 11:25:59 -0500